Jim Mullen
March 12, 1993 AT 05:00 AM EST

1 El Mariachi
Robert Rodriguez made a good movie for $7,000. Hollywood can’t make a movie poster for that.

2 World Trade Center explosion
At least 40 people have taken ”credit” for the bomb. If we can get Caller ID, why can’t the police?

3 The Untouchables
A big hit in syndication. If it’s big here, imagine how well it will do in India.

4 George Steinbrenner
There is a place for people like him in baseball, but the Yankees already have a pitcher’s mound.

5 Babylon 5
Another space-stations-are-just-like-Earth-except-for-the-haircuts show.

6 Mad Dog and Glory
Robert De Niro and Bill Murray. Raging Bulls—.

7 Michael Gartner
The head of NBC News quits. GM has already offered him a job as a crash dummy.

8 Princess Di
More embarrassing ”Squidgy” tapes have surfaced. Does Buckingham Palace still have a party line?

9 Entertainment Tonight‘s 3,000th show
Or have they aired the same one 3,000 times?

10 Fire in the Sky
Alien abduction ”based on a true story.” Right. And the dog ate our review.

11 The White House jogging track
Why spend $30,000? Let the President exercise on a $20 million treadmill from the Pentagon.

12 Point of No Return
Bridget Fonda stars as a reluctant but sassy undercover agent. Yeah, who’d notice her?

13 Swing Kids
Dancin’ those mean old Nazis away! Busby Berkeley wants you!

14 Day One
Sure, it’s an odd name for a TV newsmagazine, but Toad the Wet Sprocket was already taken.

15 Barry Diller
Trying to make his QVC home-shopping deal look hip. Yeah, it’s a player’s dream to sell stretch pants at 4 a.m.

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