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Mail from our readers

Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn’t

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Mail from our readers


I just finished reading ”The Little Movie That Could” by Mark Harris (#157, Feb. 12). I wish every major studio executive could take a look at this article and learn something. Neil Jordan has made some truly wonderful films (including We’re No Angels), but The Crying Game transcends all conventional film expectations. The fact that no Hollywood executive expressed an interest in Jordan’s screenplay does not surprise me! ”Hollywood” continues to pander to the 12-to-16-year-old-male demographic, thus disregarding the intelligence and integrity of a large part of the American audience. The Crying Game is daring and challenging and asks its audience to come along for the ride. Well, by the indication of the film’s success, it seems the American audience is ready to take that trip.
Andre F. Angeles
Fremont, Calif.

Neil Jordan deserves not only a Best Director Oscar nomination (which he received last week for The Crying Game) but congratulations on holding true to his vision. I hope he plans on more twists and turns in the future. Oh, and a word to the studio heads: In November, we voted for change!
Carolyn Drake
Lake Forest, Calif.

Kudos to Mark Harris and Entertainment Weekly for a terrific and much deserved cover story. In a time when many boring, uninspired films routinely take in $100 million, the fact that a film that is intelligent, unpredictable, and downright daring gets made, released, and actually noticed is nothing short of miraculous. For these reasons alone, Neil Jordan and The Crying Game deserve to win several Oscars.
Peter Avellino
Scarsdale, N.Y.


Boy, Chuck keeps that Woolery over his eyes! I feel sorry for his heterosexism and homophobia. It’s sad that he will not have gay couples on his TV show. Maybe the fact that Chuck has never advanced much further in his career than a syndicated dating show has something to do with his homophobic attitude in an industry that comprises a lot of gay people.
Bradford Putt


Thank you for giving credit to those who truly deserve it. Life Goes On has been the thinking teen’s show. Kellie Martin and Chad Lowe have handled their roles responsibly and respectably; it is too bad more people haven’t noticed and we may have to say goodbye to this remarkable drama and the characters we have grown to love.
Jana Irvine
Austin, Tex.


Bravo to book reviewer Gene Lyons for his comments on Primal Fear by William Diehl. Somehow I am certain that 99.9 percent of book reviewers don’t even know about the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, let alone what they try to do education-wise. Lyons is quite right in his criticism: ”Not even the woolliest shrink would testify that schizophrenia could be reversed by talk therapy.”
Wayne Richards
Medford, Ore.