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The Barbi twins

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It’s not that they have large breasts. It’s that they have four of them. The Barbi Twins — 29-year-old former belly dancers Shane and Sia — have built successful careers as sexual icons on their two accident-causing billboards on Sunset Boulevard, three cheesy cheesecake calendars, and two record-breaking Playboy covers (the most recent of which, January 1993, they say paid $1 million). They don’t sing or act — ”We pretty much suck at acting,” admits the quieter Sia (pronounced she-a) — but still the offers pour in: They’re currently considering feature roles in a sequel to Blake Edwards’ smash ”10” (called, naturally, ”20”), a TV talk show, even, Shane claims, parts in a Disney film. They’re bizarre, they’re bulimic, and they’re America’s current cartoon sweethearts, complete with appearances in ads during the recent Super Bowl. The Barbis spent a few of their 15 minutes of fame sharing with us their thoughts on love, life, and longevity in L.A.:

What do your mom and dad think of your chosen career?
Shane: They’re very supportive. I went to them and I said, ”There’s good news, and there’s bad news. The good news is that we’re very famous and successful. The bad news is — don’t laugh — we’re sex symbols.”

What do you think is the secret of your attractiveness?
Shane: We look good in Playboy because of the photographer. We were fat and ugly — we weighed 145 pounds. In our calendar, on the other hand, we look —
Sia: — horrible! —
Shane: Like Elvira. Not that that’s bad — we love Elvira, but for a calendar… but the calendar became good anyway —
Sia: ”Became good?” Forgive her grammar —
Shane: Excuse my grammar — it got us a lot of attention, and Mr. Hefner wanted us.
Sia: When we shot the first billboard, we weighed 115 pounds (they’re 5’9”), but we were so thin from bulimia we can’t even remember the day we did it.
Shane: The next day, of course, we binged and blimped up by 20 pounds.

Have you had plastic surgery — breast implants, nose jobs, collagen injections in your lips?
Shane: No. My sister is a B cup and I’m a D, and if we can hide that, it just goes to show you can fake anything.
Sia: I’m deathly scared of being put to sleep. But if I was awake and it wasn’t so bad for me….

How would you define your look?
Shane: We constantly change our look. We have this saying that we have the ”freshly f—ed look” — like we just got out of bed.
Sia: The girl next door… moved.
Shane: We’re not going out for a milk commercial.

What’s the best part of being famous?
Shane: There are copycat twins who impersonate us at the Comedy Store. That’s a compliment — we’re not even dead yet. And we’re rich — we’re set for life.

How has your fame affected your love lives?
Sia: We have a lot of weirdos in the bushes — and those are only the celebrities.
Shane: My sister has the longest relationships — they’re 20 minutes. We both dated the same man once, but only my sleazy sister slept with him.
Sia: (groans)
Shane: He never found out that we both dated him — I think he’s in a mental hospital now.