Irv Letofsky
February 12, 1993 at 05:00 AM EST

Will Steven Bochco’s upcoming ABC cop show, NYPD Blue, become TV’s first R-rated series? The producer had Civil Wars‘ Mariel Hemingway bare all in an episode that aired last fall. Now an unusual casting notice has been issued for Blue, his as-yet-unscheduled drama. Hollywood agents were told nudity would be required of the actresses who’ll portray the show’s two female leads. ”We have no knowledge about this,” says a network spokesman. ”All we can say is anything delivered to us will have to comply with our BS and P (Broadcast Standards and Practices code).”

Bochco, who wouldn’t comment, normally is outspoken about the networks’ need to get bolder in the late prime-time hours to combat cable (Entertainment Weekly, #141). But racy doesn’t always mean higher ratings: While Hemingway’s highly publicized stunt spurred a one-week jump of 1.1 million viewers, Wars continues to struggle in the Nielsens.

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