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'Homicide' touchdown

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NBC’s new cop thriller, Homicide, scored a Nielsen touchdown (No. 6 for the week) in the coveted time slot following the Jan. 31 Super Bowl, but that’s no guarantee it will have a winning season. Over the last decade, only three series premiering after the big game have become hits.

1991 Davis Rules (ABC): Warm and fuzzy Jonathan Winters sitcom made audiences gag. After less than a season on ABC, it was picked up by CBS, which pulled, the plug six months later.

1990 Grand Slam (CBS): D-grade actors Paul Rodriguez and John Schneider as B-grade bounty hunters. Expelled by March.

1988 The Wonder Years (ABC): It keeps going and going…

1987 Hard Copy (CBS): Not the tabloid show but an Ed Asner-less Lou Grant. Blue-penciled after six months.

1986 The Last Precinct (NBC): A Police Academy rip-off that lasted eight episodes.

1985 MacGruder and Loud (ABC): A series about two cops who were also a couple. Silenced after eight months.

1984 Airwolf (CBS): Knight Rider with a helicopter. It stayed airborne on CBS until 1986, then spent two years on cable.

1983 The A-Team (NBC): One of Brandon Tartikoff’s first top 10 hits, paving the way for the network’s ’80s comeback. Where art thou now, Mr. T?