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Strange film awards

Strange film awards — From the Razzies to the Hubbie Awards, here’s a look at a few interesting achievements in film

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With this week’s release of the only three Best Picture Oscar winners never before available on video, obsessives can finally fill the holes in their home collections. Or can they? There are still a few more films and stars that have won all sorts of awards — some serious, some not — in recent years:

*Award: The Patsy, formerly given by the American Humane Association to performing animals in television and motion pictures *Recipient: Folsom, a white German shepherd, in Body Double (1984) *Achievement: Providing well-trained woofs, snarls, and assorted physical stunts in Brian De Palma’s warped thriller

*Award: The Most Boring Film award, announced annually by the Boring Institute, of Maplewood, N.J. *Recipient: Life Stinks (1991) *Achievement: ”Some of us are old enough to remember when Mel Brooks used to be funny,” says Alan Caruba, the institute’s founder.

*Award: A Special Appreciation from the California Funeral Directors Association *Recipient: My Girl (1991) *Achievement: ”Many funeral directors said it’s the only positive thing they’ve seen on film about the profession,” according to Ron Roy, the organization’s PR chief.

*Award: The Razzie, announced annually by L.A.’s Golden Raspberry Awards Foundation and brainchild of copywriter John Wilson *Recipient: Sean Young *Achievements: Worst Actress as the surviving twin and Worst Supporting Actress as the murdered twin in A Kiss Before Dying (1991)

*Award: The Hubbie (named after a hubcap), announced by trash-culture author and drive-in-movie maven Joe Bob Briggs *Recipient: Maria Ford *Achievement: Breast Actress for Naked Obsession (1990): ”The hottest new actress in exploitation flicks,” according to Briggs