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Jack Nicholson's 'Wolf'

Jack Nicholson’s ”Wolf” — Insiders expect the film to be a hit at the holiday box office

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Mike Nichols’ Wolf doesn’t even start shooting until March, but it’s already expected to take a big bite out of the ’93 Christmas box office. As announced, Jack Nicholson will star as a successful New York book editor who is bitten by a wolf and then slowly undergoes a howling transformation. Here are some new details:

Hoffa makeup artist Greg Cannom will mastermind the lycanthropy, although Nicholson ”will have almost no makeup until the third act,” says one production source. ”He’ll rely on performance.” Tom Woodruff Jr. and Alec Gillis, creators of the animatronic cat in Alien3, will deliver more wizardry for Wolf.

In scripter Elaine May’s latest rewrite, costar Michelle Pfeiffer will play , an animal lover, not a veterinarian, who stands by her wolfman. Contrary to rumor, Marlon Brando won’t be appearing in the film, though he reportedly expressed an interest in a supporting role.

The embattled Mia Farrow rounds out the cast as Nicholson’s unfortunate spouse, who meets a fate even worse than a lupine bite.