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Bill Clinton vs. Ronald Reagan

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Okay, Bill Clinton is liberal, Ronald Reagan is conservative. Clinton sleeps four hours a night, Reagan’s awake four hours a day. Ba-dum. But take a closer look at these two very media-savvy campaigners. There are some eye-opening (maybe even spooky) similarities.


*Loved by (Old) Hollywood.

*Inaugural stars: Frank Sinatra, Johnny Carson, and Donny and Marie Osmond, safe-as-milk pop idols.

*Ad campaign theme: ”It’s morning in America.”

*Wife seen as meddlesome and power-hungry.

*Inaugural gala: ”The greatest collection of talent America could offer,” said producer Sinatra. Critics hated it.

*Rewards of power: Son Ron gets TV gig.


*Loved by (New) Hollywood.

*Inaugural stars: Barbra Streisand, Michael Bolton, and Fleetwood Mac, safe-as-milk pop idols.

*Inaugural speech’s theme: ”We force the spring.”

*Wife seen as meddlesome and power-hungry.

*Inaugural gala: ”You just don’t realize the scope of this thing,” said producer Quincy Jones. Critics hated it.

*Rewards of power: Brother Roger gets record deal.