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Mail from our readers

Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn’t

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Hats off to Alastair Thain for the superb photos of Jack Nicholson (#152, Jan. 8). I have a friend who is crazy over Jack, and as an artist, I may be able to draw a late Christmas gift for him. I suppose Jack gets some of the credit for having such talent as an actor to be on your cover. Thanks, Jack, for entertaining us.
Caryl Jamelske
Groton, N.Y.

James Kaplan actually walked me through Jack Nicholson’s home! I felt as if I had interviewed him myself. And, if a great cover story wasn’t enough, I turned the page and found a filmography.
Michael E. Collins
Holden, W.Va.


Thanks for your article on Deep Space Nine. One error was made, however. Majel Barrett has not only appeared on Next Generation; she is also an Enterprise veteran, having played Nurse Chapel in several episodes of the original series. So the possibility of Deep Space Nine cameos by members of the first Trek cast is more than a sure bet.
M. Siddiqi
Los Angeles


Thank you, David Browne, for pointing out that the length of the average CD would be a blessing if musical artists filled it with something worthwhile. I’ve worked in a music store for three years, and I’ve only found one CD that isn’t a greatest-hits album that I can listen to without falling asleep. It is Shelter, the debut of the techno-dance group Seven Red Seven. To my surprise, though, no one has heard of it — and it was never reviewed by your magazine.
Robert C. Hensley
El Paso

Regarding David Browne’s recent diatribe on the cons of overlong (or ”padded”) CDs, it’s time to stop being a critic and think of the fans for once! How can 70 minutes of new material from a megastar like Madonna or Prince be so bad? My question is: Why are the Garth Brooks CDs, with a scant 38 minutes of music, selling for the same price as the new Madonna CD? Why not $8? Now there are some people being taken for a ride!
Lance Leslie
Oklahoma City


Bravo, Mr. Browne, for saluting Leonard Cohen. His expressions are revelations as poignant and sensual today as they were in the ’60s. The man with a golden voice from the depths of a well has refreshed us again…as ”Always.” May his ”Future” forever blossom.
Gary Trott
Ironton, Ohio

Having been a devoted Leonard Cohen fan since I was 16, it’s been a long, rather lonely ride. His albums are hard to come by where I live. Opening your always entertaining magazine and seeing even more reasons to confirm my suspicions that he is the next-best thing to God was a great and lovely surprise.
Stacy Lang
Chattanooga, Tenn.

Correction: The Michael Ochs Archive picture of Leonard Cohen on page 31 was taken by Roz Kelly.