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Eric Nailburg reps Katie Beers

Eric Nailburg reps Katie Beers — Is a TV movie on the horizon for Amy Fisher’s laywer?

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When police found Katie Beers, the Long Island girl who was chained around the neck and held prisoner in a subterranean bunker for 16 days, New Yorkers were thrilled — particularly ”Long Island Lolita” Amy Fisher’s attorney, Eric Naiburg, who smelled another good TV movie cooking. The story this time is no less squalid. Rescued Jan. 13, the 10-year-old was allegedly taken captive by family friend John Esposito, who had reported her missing; he has been charged with kidnapping and has previously pleaded guilty to unlawful imprisonment of a child. During the search, police also revealed a history of sexual-abuse charges and custody battles involving Katie’s mother, Marilyn Beers, and her godparents, Linda and Sal Inghilleri.

Nevertheless, Naiburg, who wants to act as Katie’s agent, sees a silver lining here. ”You have a little girl who pulls at your heartstrings and who I have a chance to do some good for, to try to set up a trust fund so she can go to college.”

Naiburg first approached Katie’s mother about a film the day before her daughter turned up, insisting that Mrs. Beers was going to need money whether Katie was dead or alive. He will not comment on his progress, but the cameras can’t start rolling until Suffolk County child-welfare officials assign a guardian to protect her financial interests. Meanwhile, one television network has reportedly offered $50,000 to anyone who had access to Katie and would be able to tell part of her story.