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January 22, 1993 AT 05:00 AM EST

Mail from our readers


Kudos on your special ”Best of 1992” issue (#150/151, Dec. 25). It was a hilarious, in-depth, and memorable look at the past year in entertainment. However, one entry was left out of By the Numbers on page 86 — number of times Madonna’s book, Sex, was mentioned in the issue: 15.
Randy Sarver
Washburn, Wis.

Thank you so, so, so, so much for your article naming the cast of Saturday Night Live Entertainer of the Year. They deserve it more than any prime-time comic. SNL is the only show I know that has stayed funny for 17 years and keeps getting better and better every week. I think I’ll renew my subscription to your magazine for a while. And to SNL, thanks for keepin’ me laughing.
Shannon D. Reddan
Foresthill, Calif.

I am appalled that you identified the clever but unfunny Larry Sanders Show, starring Garry Shandling, as the second-best TV program of 1992 but didn’t even mention the wryly amusing and heartwarming Brooklyn Bridge. Perhaps CBS was as successful in hiding it from you as in hiding it from its devoted fans. With all the last-minute preemptions and scheduling changes, one hardly would have known it was on the air at all.
Chuck Donaldson

What exactly does your TV critic, Ken Tucker, have against Quantum Leap? Putting Quantum Leap on his ”worst” list for the second year (and having the nerve to call it a ”sentimental choice”) seems to indicate that he has a personal vendetta against the show. I suppose mentioning that Quantum Leap has received many Emmy and Golden Globe nominations and awards and has been endorsed by Viewers for Quality Television would do nothing to open Tucker’s closed mind. With all the garbage on TV today, why shows like Quantum Leap, Picket Fences, and even L.A. Law ended up on a list of the ”worst” shows is beyond me.
Heidi Sanchez
Bethpage, N.Y.

Were you asleep when you picked the 10 best TV shows? I can’t believe that you omitted Northern Exposure! TV doesn’t get any better than this. What a deplorable, negligent faux pas on your part. Shame on you!
Deborah L. Roberson
Virginia Beach, Va.

The fourth-worst book is The Way Things Ought to Be? Obviously. In your (brief) remarks, you neglected to point out that Rush Limbaugh’s book has only been No. 1 on the Publishers Weekly list for 9 of the past 13 weeks, displaced for 3 weeks by Sex. Within a week it moved from its start at No. 10 (due to its late-week release) to No. 1. Clearly, the book is not being well received. And it’s certainly ”far from fetching” for most Americans, since it’s often sold out. Wise up.
Dan Sengenberger
Lake Oswego, Ore.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed your year-end issue, I would like to protest your choice of Def Leppard’s Adrenalize as one of the worst albums of the year. As a die-hard Def Leppard fan for almost 10 years, I’ll admit that this latest album is not as powerful as Pyromania or Hysteria, but it certainly doesn’t deserve to be grouped with the worst of the year.
Anne Maisonneuve

Thank you for the hilarious The Year That Wasn’t section. I didn’t think you could equal Kevin Costner’s diary in last year’s The Year That Wasn’t, but you have. My only complaint is that sometimes the print is too small to read and I know I’m missing a good joke. But please do the fake-artifact sections more frequently. And give my congratulations to Jess Cagle, Bob Cannon, Bruce Fretts, Mark Harris, and Jeff Christensen.
Cindy L. Cup Choy

I was glad to see the omission of Arnold, Arsenio, and Julia from your Entertainers section and the inclusion of the more deserving and talented Seinfeld, the SNL cast, and Vanessa. The only complaint I had about the year-end issue was seeing The Bodyguard appear on your worst-movies list.
Bryan Masefield
Wareham, Mass.

Congratulations on another great year-end double issue. The 1992 version was fun to read and a good argument-starter (Picket Fences one of the worst shows of the year?!). Two quick questions, though: How can you proclaim the cast of Saturday Night Live the Entertainer of the Year, then ignore the show itself further on in the TV section? And how can you name Roger Waters’ Amused to Death one of the worst albums of the year when you gave it an A- in the original review (EW #135)?
Russ Lindway
Steven Hills, Ohio

Editor’s Note: The two reviews were written by different critics.

Correction: We failed to name the author of the children’s book Chicken Sunday in our year-end issue. She is Patricia Polacco.

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