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Adding up 'Hoffa'

Adding up ”Hoffa” — We tally the film’s vulgarities, including the number of racial slurs spoken and the number of F-words uttered

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Hoffa, starring Jack Nicholson as the tough-talking Teamster boss and director Danny DeVito as a Hoffa crony, bears the mark of screenwriter David Mamet, who sprinkled his last film, Glengarry Glen Ross, with 127 F-words (Entertainment Weekly, #140). Here, a tally of what gives Hoffa its bad-guy, boys-club feeling:

Number of ”F*%#s”: 223
Number of formaldehyde-filled jars of male genitalia: 1
Number of racial slurs: 12
Number of times Hoffa’s wife, Jo, appears: 10
Number of her lines (”Yes” counting as one): 6
Number of explosions: 3
Number of love scenes: 0
Number of times DeVito smokes a cigarette: 36