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''Used People'' borrows from ''Moonstruck'' ads

”Used People” borrows from ”Moonstruck” ads — The film’s promotion posters have a clear resemblance, using the Manhattan skyline and a large moon

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You may be a tad moonstruck when you see the poster for the Twentieth Century Fox comedy Used People, starring Shirley MacLaine. After all, it’s got the same backdrop — a New York City skyline and a big ol’ moon — as the poster from 1987’s Moonstruck, which featured a bedazzled Cher. But Richard Ingber, president of marketing for Used People‘s production company, Largo Entertainment, insists that ”the design had nothing to do with Moonstruck, though the moon does have a part in this movie.” Ingber adds that he has never heard the two movies compared. If so, he hasn’t been reading Used People‘s recent ads, which prominently feature a critic’s quote: ”As charming as Moonstruck…” Must be the lunar pull.