December 18, 1992 at 05:00 AM EST

CASHING IN: Top topic in L.A. is the Disney stock-option deal netting chairman Michael Eisner and president Frank Wells $123.8 million and $58.3 million, respectively. Common sentiment is that the perks, which will reportedly bring Eisner’s ’92 haul to $200 million, don’t jibe with Disney’s legendary frugality in paying actors. (According to sources, Robin Williams was paid less than $100,000 — and no points — for Disney’s Aladdin.) Just after the deal was announced, Dennis Miller performed at a charity ball in Beverly Hills that Disney Studios chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg attended. Waving his valet-parking receipt, Miller yelled, ”Eisner — he’d better f—ing validate this! $200 million! Walt must be turning over in his freezer!”…

BRAWLING: Second top topic in L.A. is the Roxbury Club ruckus between frosty 90210 goddess Shannen Doherty and aspiring actress Bonita Money, set off when Doherty’s companion, fellow 90210-er Brian Austin Green, stepped on the foot of Money’s date. Though the case will be settled out of court, the incident brought out a new rumor of alleged Shannen nastiness: When Tori Spelling supposedly lost patience during a dispute over a 90210 scene and groused, ”Why do you have to be so mean to people?” Doherty is said to have shot back, ”Look, everyone knows why you’re on this show in the first place. When you become a real actress, then you can critique me!” A show spokeswoman says she never heard about any such thing….

DISSING: Don’t expect to see Ned Beatty return to his role as John Goodman’s father on Roseanne anytime soon. ”I love John, and I used to have pretty good feelings about Roseanne (Arnold),” says Beatty, 55, who’ll be a regular on Barry Levinson’s mid-season NBC series Homicide. ”But on a set like that when somebody becomes unreasonably powerful… it’s like purgatory. It’s ridiculous. Who needs it?”…

SCRIPT SHOPPING: Ya da da da — Sedaka is back! Neil Sedaka is hawking a movie script about his life as a pop composer. And whom does he want to portray him on screen? John Cusack. No comment from Cusack’s camp….

PASSING: The Reverend Marvin Frey, composer of the camp-fire hit ”Kum Ba Yah,” which he scribbled at 17, died at 74. He also wrote ”I’ve Got Peace Like a River,” which inspired a tune on Paul Simon’s debut solo album….

HEADLINING: In what must be some kind of record, the following rumors were heard about Guns N’ Roses during a mere 11 days of the band’s South American tour: Axl Rose beat up a photographer, Axl crashed his motorcycle, and one of the band’s members was busted for cocaine possession. None of the stories, the group’s spokeswoman swears, is true. However, the roof did collapse at one show because of rain….

NETTING: On the set of The Last Action Hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger was spotted wearing a hairnet — sometimes used to keep hairpieces in place while shooting rough action scenes. Is this the case with Arnie? No, you ask him. His publicist, Charlotte Parker, says the Austrian Oak was simply doing a scene as Hamlet, requiring him to go from long hair to short hair, and what our source saw was the shorty wig. ”There is absolutely no hair thing” with Arnold, says Parker….

REINCARNATING: A Claymation pioneer and Eddie Murphy inspiration, Gumby turns 40 this month. And like a lot of boomers, he’s trying to get his career back on track. Gumby sculptor Art Clokey is looking for a distributor for the green guy’s first full-length film, Gumby: The Movie 1. No takers yet, but fan Michael Jackson may lend a hand. “He says he’s interested in doing something with Gumby when he gets back from Japan,” says Clokey.

Tim Appelo, with reporting by Gregg Kilday, Sharon Isak, Bruce Fretts, Harold Goldberg, and Frank Spotnitz.

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