December 18, 1992 at 05:00 AM EST

1992 World Series

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We gave it a C

If only this tape had started at the end — with beautiful slow-motion shots, moving music, athletes doing their dance. Sure, the 1992 World Series captures pivotal swings from the Braves and Blue Jays and such defensive daring as Devon White’s slam-against-the-wall catch, but so do TV highlights. And yes, there are some wonderful player interviews. But oh, say, can we see something besides shots of fan reactions and players’ feet? Cleats don’t say as much as close-ups, and viewers want to be in on the action, the dugout camaraderie, the tobacco spitting, and the tension. It would be great to see a director like Jonathan Demme or Penny Marshall take a swing at this subject next time. C

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