EW Staff
December 11, 1992 AT 05:00 AM EST

This stylish oversize volume gives Herb Ritts’ stark, in-your-face celebrity portraits plenty of breathing room (Notorious even has some pullouts). There are striking black-and-white shots of Michelle Pfeiffer in male drag, Clint Eastwood doing a Stan Laurel impersonation, Sean Penn taking a tinkle on a dirt road, and that famous Interview magazine cover of Madonna grabbing her crotch. The book also has an appendix in which the photographer recounts the details of his shoots: ”I had known Slash when he was younger. His real name is Saul. I kept saying, ‘Hey Saul, how are you?’ He’d say, ‘Don’t call me Saul, man. My name’s Slash.”’ Altogether a cool collection. A

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