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Mail from our readers

Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn’t

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Mail from our readers


I was impressed by the coverage your magazine gave Dracula (Nov. 20, #145), although I was disappointed by the review. I found the movie excellent, so much so that I saw it twice. Francis Ford Coppola did a wonderful job creating a love story, and he did it with class. I have seen many Dracula movies, and it was refreshing to see one that made you sad to see him die. Gary Oldman’s excellent portrayal of Dracula was the main reason I went back the second time.
Debbie Rheome
Canton, N.Y.


Will someone please give John Kricfalusi a place to work?! I have just seen my first post-Kricfalusi Ren & Stimpy Show, and it stunk up the place. Nickelodeon has taken a miracle, a treasure, and whizzed on it with extreme prejudice. The network no longer has a place in my home. The worst part is that Nickelodeon is telling kids that their cartoons break new ground, but who are they using to advertise this message? The old Ren & Stimpy! I’m madder than an Asthma Hound Chihuahua with his opera records covered in bubble gum!
E.G. Warui
New York City


Regarding Howard Stern’s video Butt Bongo Fiesta (News & Notes): Obviously you don’t listen to Stern’s radio show. He was the first to admit on the air that a couple of radio jocks from Maine came up with the idea of butt bongo before he even started to do it. He did it in light of everyone else ripping him off. That story is old news, boys.
Michael Eivaz
Canoga Park, Calif.


I was interested to see Bob Cannon’s comparison of five major tabloids (News & Notes). There are, however, six major tabs. The National Examiner‘s circulation is between that of the Globe and Weekly World News — thus placing it fourth in sales. I can understand that you’d never admit to buying a supermarket tabloid. But why wouldn’t you even admit to the existence of mine?
Mike Irish
National Examiner
Boca Raton, Fla.


Just when Arkansas, the Rodney Dangerfield of states, is finally getting some respect, Jim Mullen comes up with this Hot Sheet gag: ”What do you call a rusted-out 1947 Ford truck in Arkansas? A lawn ornament.” Okay, Mr. Mullen, I’ve got one for you. How come donkeys aren’t sent to college? Because nobody likes a smart ass.
Rima Saret
Russellville, Ark.


I was surprised to see that in your Oct. 23 Encore, Douglas Fairbanks Sr. was incorrectly identified as his son, Douglas Jr. And I was doubly surprised to see the reverse in your Nov. 20 article ”Face Value.” That photo is of Douglas Jr. — not Douglas Sr., as you imply.
Tessie Bundick