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Film-inspired gifts

Film-inspired gifts — Give the gift of Hollywood, from an ”Aladdin” alarm clock to a ”Home Alone 2” t-shirt

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The Hollywood merchandising machine has filled stores with an eclectic selection of blockbuster-related memorabilia — some unexpectedly cool, others just plain bizarre. Here, from top left, are a few of the more interesting items available.

*BATMAN SNOWBOARD Fewer frills than the Batmobile, but then, it doesn’t need rocket fuel.

*DRACULA BUSTIER, COFFIN HANDBAG, and CROSS-AND-DAGGER NECKLACE If you can’t be a vamp, at least look like one with gaudy bejeweled accessories inspired by Francis Ford Coppola’s latest hit.

*X PINS A quiet statement amid the X-mania.

*ALADDIN ALARM CLOCK Big, bold, and very blue, it’s hard to ignore this sleepbuster.

*T-SHIRTS: (Home Alone 2, Mo’ Money , and Malcolm X) Cool designs that often look better than the movies they’re based on.

*BATMAN JACKET A clear plastic midriff-barer that’s perfect for today’s superheroine — very haute but with the rubbery quality of most comic-book costumes.

*MALCOLM X PENDANT A solid-wood chunk of righteousness-on-a-string for those who like their idols literal.

*ALADDIN VEST Like the voice of the Genie himself: really loud.