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''The Edge'' parodies Tori Spelling

”The Edge” parodies Tori Spelling — ”Beverly Hills, 90210” may sue the Fox-TV show for lampooning its star

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Forget the Jay Leno-Arsenio Hall feud. The folks at Fox are facing the prospect of one of their own shows suing another of their shows. The flap started when Fox’s new satirical program, The Edge, lampooned Fox’s Beverly Hills, 90210, focusing specifically on actress Tori Spelling, daughter of the show’s producer, Aaron Spelling. His lawyers sent a letter to TriStar Television, producers of The Edge, claiming that the show had made ”unauthorized use” of 90210‘s logo and had ”tarnished the image of the show.” The letter threatened legal action unless The Edge made written and public apologies and recalled all review cassettes of the episode.

But The Edge wouldn’t budge. According to one TriStar insider, the show’s producers have sent Spelling a letter asserting that the skit was obviously a parody and thus protected under the First Amendment, and that its intent was merely to demonstrate that 90210 was ”self-important (and) over-glamorized.” As for Tori, whose name was used in the offending skit, an Edge spokesman says, ”We kind of admire Aaron for standing up for his daughter like this. It’s so un-Hollywood-like. I mean, what’s she doing on that show to begin with?”