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''Damned in the USA''

”Damned in the USA” — Lou Reed’s ”Walk on the Wild Side” is used in Channel Four’s censorship documentary

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The Rev. Donald Wildmon of Tupelo, Miss., was recently thwarted in his efforts to legally prevent Channel Four, producers of the censorship documentary Damned in the USA, from showing the film Stateside (he claimed the film used his quotes unfairly). Following the ruling, the coproducers threw a celebratory party in New York. Lou Reed, a friend of a Channel Four employee, showed up and performed his signature tune, ”Walk on the Wild Side,” with updated lyrics: ”Donald Wildmon was damned in the USA/Tried to get Channel Four to pay and pay/A hustle here and a hustle there/Mississippi’s the place where, he thought/I’ll take a walk on the wild side/Hey, I’ll take a walk on the legal side.” It went over so well that Reed recorded the song for use in an updated introduction to the film, which is scheduled to open nationally this month, pending an appeal.