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Fall sweeps

Fall sweeps — From ”Geraldo” to ”Jenny Jones,” talk shows vie for ratings with outrageous topics

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That down-and-gritty ratings battle, the fall sweeps, kicks off Oct. 29, and for talk shows, it means pulling out all the stops. Some of the topics to come — really:

* Sally Jessy Raphael
—”My daughter is selling her body to pay for college.”
—”My mother is jealous I lost weight.”

* The Joan Rivers Show
— Joan visits her past lives.
— Joan’s staff chooses a variety of dates for the hostess and the audience votes on one.

* Live with Regis & Kathie Lee
— The bubbly duo gives away nine minivans, $5,000, and a 14-day vacation.

* Jenny Jones
— ”My daughter slept with all of my husbands.”
— ”My husband wants me to sleep with his friends.”
— ”Men who marry teenagers.”
— ”The Woody Allen syndrome, men who have relationships with their step-daughters.”

* Vicki
— A week devoted to reunions: Vicki with Carol Burnett and Vicki with the cast of her syndicated show, Mama’s Family.

* Geraldo
”I’d rather not disappoint anyone by saying what might be on and then not airing it,” says a spokesman. That’s right — Geraldo takes the high road.