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Marketing General Schwarzkopf's book

Marketing General Schwarzkopf’s book — Bantam releases two covers of ”It Doesn’t Take a Hero”

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After paying a hefty $5 million for the autobiography of General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, It Doesn’t Take a Hero, Bantam planned an equally impressive marketing campaign using dual covers to create one life-size image of the Desert Storm leader. Purpose: To ”make you feel like the general was sitting in your living room having a heart-to-heart,” says publisher Linda Grey.

Bantam has printed 850,000 copies of the book, each showing the right or left side of Schwarzkopf’s mug. The gimmick has an added bonus: Put the big guy’s face together and get twice as much display space on shelves. With the book currently on best-seller lists, Bantam says it’s happy with the divide-and-conquer strategy. Some people, claims Grey, ”are buying two copies in order to have the complete set.”