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Dorm-room decorating

Dorm-room decorating — What’s cool and what’s not in poster art

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Dorm-room decorating

Wondering why all your roommates moved out last week? It could have something to do with that Swedish Bikini Team poster you have over your bed. Dorm-room decorating standards are higher than ever, and if you want to fit in, your artwork had better be up to par. So grab that Fun-tak and follow this guide to what today’s aesthetic collegians have — and have not — on their walls.

What’s IN
*Cubism and protest art
*Dead movie sex symbols in black and white (Bogart, Dietrich, Garbo)
*Bullwinkle or the Jetsons
*European beer ads
*The Brady Bunch, especially posed on the stairs
*’50s-style testaments to camp (movies like Attack of the 50-Foot Woman)
*Velvet posters (early Elvis)
*French or Italian poster of an American film
*Flags of Eastern Europe’s new republics
*Malcolm X
*Nudes drawn by your friends in art class

What’s OUT
*Impressionist art and florals
*Garfield or the Simpsons
*Domestic beer ads
*’80s-style testaments to wealth (”Greed is good,” expensive cars)
*Day-Glo posters
*The Confederate flag
*Albert Einstein
*Living movie sex symbols in color (Julia Roberts, Mel Gibson, Kevin Costner, Patrick Swayze)
*Anything from your high school bedroom
*Overexposed musicians (Axl Rose, Michael Jackson)
*Any take on ”S— happens”
* American poster of an American film