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King of Chess

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With Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky halfway through their chess rematch in Yugoslavia (Fischer leads, 5 games to 2), it’s time to tally up some loose pieces in the $5 million board battle.

*Average length of games: 5 hours, 20 minutes
*Average time per game spent moving chess pieces: 1 minute, 35 seconds
*Number of pounds gained since their ’72 match (est.): Fischer, 40; Spassky, 20
*Winner’s purse: $3.35 million
*What Fischer will owe in taxes if he wins: $1.04 million
*What Fischer has said he will pay: $0
*The last year in which Fischer says he paid taxes: 1976
*How long Fischer plans to stay away from the U.S.: At least one year
*Number of bodyguards for Fischer: 15
*Fischer’s official fee for a full-length interview: $100 million.