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Eek! The Cat

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Eek! the Cat

TV Show
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We gave it a C

Eek! The Cat is a cartoon series that’s equal parts Garfield cuteness, Roger Rabbit adventure, and Mister Magoo mishaps. However, Eek! writers Savage Steve Holland and Bill Kopp inflict such an unhealthy Tom and Jerry-style pounding on their cute, fuzzy star that the show becomes a relentlessly sadistic workout.

After leaving a home full of selfish children, Eek! is mistakenly adopted by a nearsighted old lady who thinks he’s her scrawny pet. What follows earns him his onomatopoeic name: After catching his tail in a window and falling to the ground, Eek! is dragged through a bee farm, dropped hundreds of feet through flaming hoops into a swimming pool, shot out of a cannon, and dropped into a toxic-waste dump. Through all of this, he still finds time to protect the old biddy from harm. The message may be to help others at any cost, but it’s delivered with the subtlety of a frying pan to the face.

That’s a shame, because Eek! the Cat has an inventive style. The Monty Python-like transitions between episodes are intriguing and inventive. At one point a hungry Eek! dives onto a juicy meatball — but the camera pulls back to reveal that the meatball rests atop a football. Clever, until a placekicker’s foot inevitably swings into view to boot the hapless Eek! skyward. Nice message there: Help an old lady, get the stuffing kicked out of you. C