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California Dreams

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California Dreams

TV Show
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Kelly Packard
Kids and Family

We gave it an F

California Dreams can be accused of a lot of things, but originality isn’t one of them. This Partridge Family-meets-Beverly Hills, 90210-meets-canned laughter live-action half hour should be outlawed for impressionable viewers lest they pick up such phrases as ”the early bird gets the babes.” California Dreams, slotted between two episodes of Saved by the Bell, a show about high schoolers, stars a teenage brother and sister who practice in the garage with their rock band when they’re not in the kitchen talking to their perfect parents. The girls in the background run around in requisite bikinis and have names like Randi Jo. Life on California Dreams is so groovy that Tiffany, a gorgeous member of the band, can carry her surfboard into the local hangout eatery, resplendent in a Day-Glo wet suit. (She’s upset that when she tries to surf, “suddenly there’s 20 guys around me — I don’t get it. It’s such a big ocean.”) California Dreams producer Franco E. Bario (who is also behind Saved by the Bell) may have good intentions, but it’s hard to imagine what they were. F