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Bill Cosby on top

Bill Cosby on top — What the highest-paid entertainer makes for typical tasks like making Jell-O

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Who’s the highest-paid entertainer in America? According to the new Forbes magazine, it’s Bill Cosby, whose earnings for 1991 and 1992 were a staggering $98 million. Assuming that the workaholic Cos puts in an 80-hour week, 49 weeks a year, that comes out to about $12,500 an hour. Which leads us to wonder: When Cosby cooks a 9-minute hard-boiled egg, what’s his time worth? (Answer: $1,875.) Listed here are other typical tasks, and the salary he earns while doing them:

*Watches videocassette of Leonard Part 6 with family (83 min.): $17,292
*Gives away $500 to first couple on You Bet Your Life (15 min.): $3,125
*Plays poker in Atlantic City for four hours, loses $50,000: Breaks even
*Prepares one package of raspberry Jell-O Jigglers (3 hrs., 15 sec.): $37,552
*Takes 24-second bathroom break: $83
*Lights cigar with $20 bill (6 sec.): $21 (not counting bill)
*Calls the Teen Party Line: $203 first min., $207 each additional min.
*Waits long enough to get free Domino’s pizza (31 min.): $6,458 (plus pizza)
*Tells panhandler, ”I’m sorry, I don’t have any spare change. I don’t carry cash. But God bless you, sir, and good luck to you.” (8 sec.): $28