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Made for TV: Bean-Bayog and Lozano

Made for TV: Bean-Bayog and Lozano — The tangled relationship between doctor and patient inspires an NBC movie starring Jamie Lee Curtis

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Although the case has yet to go to court in Massachusetts, two TV movies about Harvard psychiatrist Margaret Bean-Bayog are in the works. Last year Bean-Bayog’s patient Paul Lozano, a 28-year-old Harvard med student, committed suicide by injecting himself with cocaine 75 times. Lozano’s family is suing her for malpractice, alleging that she seduced him. Bean-Bayog’s kinky sex-fantasy diaries were found in Lozano’s apartment. The psychiatrist claims that Lozano, who had been diagnosed as psychotic, stole her diaries and was trying to implicate her in his own twisted fantasies. A medical board found insufficient evidence of any sexual relationship but in a hearing this week will consider allegations of improper treatment.

Jamie Lee Curtis will play Bean-Bayog in an NBC movie, says a network spokesman. Republic Pictures is developing a production for ABC based on the Lozano family’s story. According to the family’s attorney, Andrew Meyer, profits from the ABC telling of the case will go to a foundation for Latino medical students.