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Camp Wilder

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Camp Wilder

TV Show
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We gave it a C

It’s the season’s most uselessly complicated premise: The parents of 28-year-old Ricky Wilder (Baby Talk’s Mary Page Keller) have died recently in an accident. Ricky, a newly divorced mother of a 6-year-old (Tina Majorino), moves back into her folks’ home to care for her teenage siblings, played by Jerry O’Connell and Meghann Haldeman. The Wilder house then gets the nickname Camp Wilder because it becomes a hangout for all the kids in the neighborhood.

Camp Wilder is a standard-issue wisecracking-bodacious-adolescents sitcom overseen by executive producer Matthew Carlson (The Wonder Years). Keller and O’Connell are likable actors, but the only person I enjoy in this show is one of the neighborhood teens, a sly dufus named Dorfman (Jay Mohr). The only reason I like him is because in the series premiere he used the terms internal rhyme and analogy correctly in different sentences. These days, you take your educational TV where you can find it. C