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Knot long

Splitsville, USA

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The clock was running out from the day they said, ”I do.” Here are some of the shortest Hollywood matches on record:

* Cher and Gregg Allman. Married: June 1975. Cher files for divorce: July 1975. Divorced: 1978.

* Mike Tyson and Robin Givens. Married: February 1988. Givens files for divorce: October 1988. Divorced: February 1989.

* Carrie Fisher and Paul Simon. Married: August 1983. Separated: July 1984. Divorce granted that year.

* Janet Jackson and James Debarge. Married: August 1984. Marriage annulled: March 1985.

* Ethel Merman and Ernest Borgnine. Married: June 1964, for 38 days.

* Michelle Phillips and Dennis Hopper. Married: October 1970, for eight days. (Shortest marriage in Hollywood history.)

* Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith. Married for the first time: 1976. Divorced: 1977. (Remarried: 1989.)

* Harry Hamlin and Nicolette Sheridan. Married: September 1991. Announced separation: August 1992.