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Music Review: 'Psalm 69'

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Psalm 69

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In Season

We gave it an A-

Tapped in some quarters as the band most likely to hit the big time via this summer’s heralded Lollapalooza tour, Ministry couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate working title for its new album (The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs) if someone had forced them to do it by driving wooden spikes under their fingernails with a 100-pound mallet. Speaking of how they sound — and how nonfans will react to this aggressively snotty aural bed-wetting — you’ve gotta hand it to them: Pain has never felt this good before. But fame does beckon for these Chicago-based industrial-rock granddaddies, because now more than ever there’s a metallic allure to their purposeful mess in Psalm 69. The thrash guitars that predominate here sound like Metallica in overdrive — and key Minister Alain Jourgensen’s satanic yapping on tracks like ”Hero” isn’t that far removed from the growling of a true metal hero, Motorhead’s Lemmy. Metalheads will eat this up, naturally, and industrial dweebs will still dig ’em for sampling George Bush’s meowing about a ”new world order” on the leadoff track, ”N.W.O.” Wonderfully obnoxious, and therefore nearly perfect.