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Real-life romances that started on Hollywood sets

Real-life romances that started on Hollywood sets — Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Tim Robbins, and Susan Surandon began their relationships during the making of their films

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Just like Annette and Warren on the set of Bugsy, many a smitten Hollywood couple began a real-life romance in the course of moviemaking. But they didn’t all live happily ever after:

Greta Garbo/John Gilbert
The Movie Flesh and the Devil: Erotic highlight of the silent era. The Relationship: She left him at the altar three times.

Ronald Reagan/Jane Wyman
The Movie Brother Rat: It’s no Kings Row. The Marriage: Tired of watching ”that damn Kings Row,” Wyman sought a divorce after eight years.

Katharine Hepburn/Spencer Tracy
The Movie Woman of the Year: The first of nine sublime collaborations. The Relationship: It was ”yar.”

Humphrey Bogart/Lauren Bacall
The Movie To Have and Have Not: Delightful Howard Hawks hokum made Bacall a star. The Marriage: They remain the cult Hollywood couple.

Marlon Brando/Tarita
The Movie Mutiny on the Bounty : A shipwreck. The Marriage: She had two children; he gained 100 pounds.

Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton
The Movie Cleopatra: Very big and very expensive, foreshadowing Liz herself. The Marriage: Married, divorced, married, divorced.

Clint Eastwood/ Sondra Locke
The Movie The Gauntlet: Fast action, fast money. The Relationship: Fun, until the palimony suit.

Jessica Lange/Sam Shepard
The Movie Frances: Revived Lange’s career. The Relationship: Stable: She runs the farm; he plays polo.

Susan Sarandon/Tim Robbins
The Movie Bull Durham: Home run. The Relationship: Hollywood’s primo PC couple.

Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman
The Movie Days of Thunder: Ran out of gas at the box office. The Marriage: This summer’s hot couple, far and away.