Chip Rowe
April 03, 1992 at 05:00 AM EST

Siblings Don and Erin Smith think The Brady Bunch is, well, perfect, and that lots of other twentysomethings who grew up with ’70s sitcoms think so too. That’s why they started Teenage Gang Debs, the semiannual and very unslick Bethesda, Md., fanzine about sitcom culture. (In true camp fashion, the magazine took its name from a 1966 female biker film.)

The Smiths sell about 1,000 copies, for $2 a pop, entirely by word of mouth. ”For me, as a kid, the Bradys were the ideal family,” says Don, 23, who synchronized his growth years in suburban Washington, D.C., with Brady reruns. Erin, 19, has all 117 episodes on tape. While the mag lavishes attention on other TV greats like The Partridge Family and My Three Sons, for many of the faithful, the Bradys rule.

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