April 03, 1992 at 05:00 AM EST

Mail from our readers

I’m a recent subscriber to Entertainment Weekly, and I must say I’m very happy with it! I found your ”Elizabethan Age” ( 109, March 13) reportage truly a delight. And so many great photos! It was like being there. To boot, I was giggling like crazy when I started to read the ”Taylormade” section. Thanks for a great laugh!
Chany Catala
Wallingford, Conn.

For a long time I have enjoyed your magazine, and have found it a refreshing alternative to the usual gossipy entertainment publication. But when I saw the March 13 issue I was disappointed. Who cares about Liz Taylor’s 60th birthday party? What are you turning into, a supermarket tabloid?
Jeremy Ayers
Colchester, Vt.

Twelve pages on the life and career of Elizabeth Taylor and no mention of her 1981 stint on ABC’s General Hospital? If a star of her caliber can’t legitimize soap operas in the minds of the press, let alone the country, what will? This omission was especially evident in light of the ”detailed” chronology of her trysts, illnesses, and perfumes. Perhaps if Liz had married GH star Anthony Geary (who attended her Disneyland bash), this hallmark stop in her travels would have received mention.
Matt Webb Mitovich
New York City

I just read about Sen. Mitch McConnell’s bill, the Pornography Victims Compensation Act. Someone should send him some current adult tapes. If he would actually watch the product, he’d realize how foolish his claims are that ”pornography is becoming increasingly violent.” There’s more violence in The Terminator than in The Penetrator. You’d think that in an election year lawmakers would spend our tax dollars on society’s big problems, like unemployment, instead of how we spend our entertainment dollar.
J.R. Wolfe

Regarding Ken Tucker’s [very negative] review of Scorch: I agree 100 percent. Incidentally, the voice behind the dragon is ventriloquist Ronn Lucas (who deserved better writers). He is credited…as Scorch’s trainer. He was a frequent guest (usually with Scorch) on The New Hollywood Squares with John Davidson. If you want to see Lucas at his best (not to mention see him), try to get the Disney Channel to repeat his 1988 comedy concert Who’s in Charge Here? Scorch has a cameo in it.
C. Eckart
Santa Monica, Calif.

I’m glad to see an end to CD longboxes. However, the plastic jewel boxes should be retained. If I pay $15 or more for a CD, I want the protection of a jewel box — not the newer cardboard box type. The new ones are too clumsy and wear out too easily.
David Kveragas
Clarks Summit, Pa.

Correction: The picture for ABC-TV’s Life Goes On was miscaptioned. Actor Michael Kearns is on the left — not on the right.

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