Benjamin Svetkey and Mark Harris
April 03, 1992 AT 05:00 AM EST

Would you rather watch a wedding or hang from a cliff? That’s your choice, as two dramas take markedly different approaches to their season finales. Both ABC’s Homefront and CBS’ Knots Landing have suffered from sluggish Nielsens (Knots was in 43rd place the week of March 9; newcomer Homefront was 62nd), so producers of both are hoping for boffo closers. Knots will end its 13th season with a cliff-hanger (April 9), in which the life of pouting Paige Matheson (Nicollette Sheridan) is left swinging in the balance. ”For a while there was concern the show wouldn’t be coming back,” says Knots executive producer David Jacobs. ”So we figured, Why make it easier for CBS to cancel us?” (Knots will return for at least one more season.) Homefront will try a less soapy tack, finishing its season (April 15) by tying up loose plot lines. ”We want the closing chapter to be a payoff for viewers who have stuck with us,” says executive producer Bernard Lechowick. Instead of what he calls a ”damsel-tied-to-the-railroad-track” ending, the post-WWII drama will wrap up with a nuptial — although who’s marrying whom is a secret. ”Goals that people have been striving for — to love someone, to marry someone — will be reached” is all he’ll say. Will the Homefront strategy work? To find out, keep watching this space.

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