Cindy Pearlman
April 03, 1992 AT 05:00 AM EST

Male bonding reached a fever pitch on the Chicago set of The Babe, due this month from Universal. John Goodman, who plays Babe Ruth, regularly challenged cast and crew to ”alligator wrestling” contests, in which two competitors lie on the floor and try to flip each other over with their legs. For the record, Goodman always won.

Spitting contests from the dugout were also popular, but the real test of manhood was The Chew. ”Back then, all ball players spit chewing tobacco,” says costar Bruce Boxleitner. ”The prop guy would walk around with bags of the stuff. But at six in the morning, it made some guys turn green, so you could chew red licorice instead. Except then the rest of the men made your life hell and called you a wimp.” Did anything like this happen on the Thelma & Louise set?

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