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Kids and Family, Comedy

We gave it a D-

Scorch is a green dragon about the size of a bowling-ball bag who speaks perfect English (the creature is actually a puppet, but CBS won’t tell anyone who supplies its voice). Hit by lightning, Scorch accidentally flies into the New Haven, Conn., apartment of Brian Stevens (Jonathan Walker), a single, unemployed-actor father living with his young daughter, Jessica (One Good Cop‘s Rhea Silver-Smith). Brian then gets a job as a TV weatherman by passing himself off as a ventriloquist with Scorch as his dummy. The TV station thinks it’s a ratings-grabbing novelty.

In fact, Scorch is just a variation on ALF. Even though the perfectly good Silver-Smith delivers the line ”Daddy, I think he’s funny!” this dragon is not. He’s just another sitcom wiseacre-and an obnoxious adolescent one at that: ”I’m only 1,300 years old,” says Scorch. ”I’m just a teenager — I don’t even shave under my wings yet.” That’s a typical joke. Except for Silver-Smith, there isn’t an ounce of charm in Scorch; any adult unlucky enough to glimpse the show will note the presence of The Dick Van Dyke Show‘s Rose Marie, playing Brian’s apartment-building landlady. She doesn’t have any funny lines either. D-