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Hormonally Yours

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Hormonally Yours

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London, PLG

We gave it a B+

Most women really hate being accused of hormonally induced moodiness whenever they feel a little crabby, but the two women who make up Shakespear’s Sister clearly have no such qualms. In fact, their second album, Hormonally Yours, plays on the idea of female biological madness, and to its credit, it does so without sounding bitchy or melodramatic. Unlike band member Siobhan Fahey’s former group, Bananarama, Shakespear’s Sis isn’t afraid to emote: The cool detachment of yesteryear has been replaced by a warmer and more emotionally complicated sound. Fahey’s deep, uncannily male-sounding voice is perfectly complemented by her American-born partner, Marcella Detroit, who adds more soulful and feminine R&B-influenced backup vocals. Mostly, the combine sounds great-but several songs (notably ”Emotional Thing” and ”Let Me Entertain You”) go on way too long. Shakespear’s Sister isn’t going to start a turf war with Natalie Cole or Anita Baker, but taken on its own terms — as an original purveyor of lightweight, white-girl blues — this pair is excellent. B+