February 14, 1992 at 05:00 AM EST

Blind Man's Bluff

TV Show
Current Status
In Season
Patricia Clarkson, Robert Urich, Ron Perlman
USA Network
Crime, Drama
We gave it a D

Robert Urich (Lonesome Dove, ”bangeroo headache” aspirin commercials) stars in Blind Man’s Bluff as Thomas Booker, a history professor who has been blind for the past four years (”Got a disease…you never heard of it,” he says to someone in a dismissive bit of plot summary typical of Joel Gross’ couldn’t-care-less script). Booker might be falling in love with his therapist, played by Patricia Clarkson (late of Davis Rules), and he’s certainly still in love with his former girlfriend (Beverly Hills Cop‘s Lisa Eilbacher), who’s now cozy with his best friend (Beauty and the Beast‘s Ron Perlman). Then that ex-girlfriend’s aunt is found murdered, and some evidence points to Booker — ”Blind people ain’t saints,” remarks a cop.

Did he do it? I was certainly hoping he did; Booker’s character is a drag — self-pitying, smug, and obnoxious. When Booker stops at a busy street corner and a woman asks if she can help him cross, he says, ”Depends — are you good-looking?” One can only assume from James Quinn’s direction that we’re supposed to find Booker a spunky hero, but the only really attractive performance given in this slack thriller is by Booker’s seeing-eye dog, a sweet mutt named Smokey. D

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