Harold Goldberg
November 29, 1991 AT 05:00 AM EST

Love him or hate him, Pauly Shore, self-proclaimed ”most popular” VJ on MTV (more people now tune in to the Valley dude’s daily show than to Martha Quinn or Adam Curry), will soon be even more in your face. Pauly’s broadcasting his ”Mickey Mouse Club of the ’90s” from the set of Encino Man; he stars in the Disney comedy due out next summer. ”It’s about two losers, and they find a caveman, take it to school, and that makes them cool. Genius! I rewrote my part so it’s Pauly-ized.” Starting in January, Shore will try to lure readers to the heavy-metal mag Circus with a regular column ”on anything from Warrant to HIV, man. I’ve got my serious side, dude.”

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