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We gave it a C

How the years fly by! In the mid-’80s, Erasure, a two-man synth-pop duo formed by Depeche Mode refugee Vince Clarke with pal Andy Bell, sounded modern as can be with their synthesized rhythms and plaintive, Everywimp vocal stylings — and they sold a lot of records to people who liked that sort of stuff. But it’s almost 1992, kids, and those dance rhythms now make Erasure sound a wee bit twee. ”Chorus,” the title track of their new album, percolates along nicely, and ”Love to Hate You,” the first single, has a thumpy bottom and a passable hook. Otherwise there’s little on Chorus to persuade you to listen. What other bands in Erasure’s situation — New Order, say, or the Pet Shop Boys — have done is ratchet up the stakes by tightening the rhythms and producing darker, more urgent songs. Erasure need to watch how it’s done, or see themselves become an anachronism. C