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She Say's She's Innocent

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She Says She's Innocent

TV Show
Current Status:
In Season
Katy Segal, Robert Picardo, Alan Rachins, Charlotte Ross
Drama, Crime

We gave it a C-

In this otherwise aimless drama, Katey Sagal demonstrates she can do a lot more than sashay and sass back on Married With Children. She Says She’s Innocent features Sagal as the mother of a teen-ager (Days of Our Lives‘ Charlotte Ross) accused of murdering a schoolmate (Kimberly Hooper). We’re shown the crime in a shadowy scene near the start of the film — it’s impossible for the viewer to tell who-really-dunit, but it is established that Ross’ Justine Essex was certainly at the scene of the crime.

When the dead girl’s body is discovered, however, Justine denies any involvement; after evidence linking her to the killing gets her arrested, she — you got it — says she’s innocent. No one believes her except her mom, who sets out to prove her daughter’s innocence. The movie, written by Kathleen Knutsen Rowell, spends too much time with a red-herring romance between Sagal and a cop played by Jameson Parker (Simon & Simon) that doesn’t add anything to the story. Alan Rachins (L.A. Law) shows up as Sagal’s soon-to-be ex- husband (they’re separated); with little to do except glower, Rachins seems to be around just to show us what he looks like in a beard and a full head of hair.

Only Sagal is interesting, for the way she moves her character from puzzlement to despair to anger over her child’s dilemma. C-