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The Adventures of Mark and Brian

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The Adventures of Mark & Brian

TV Show
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We gave it a D

Mark Thompson and Brian Phelps are hosts of the most popular morning radio show in Los Angeles, a music-and-gab-fest on KLOS-FM. But as a non-Angeleno, I must assume they do something on the radio that they don’t do in their attempt to become TV stars — like exude charm and talent, maybe. The premise of The Advenures of Mark and Brian, an annoyingly smug reality half hour, is that each week they will engage in a stunt of some sort — everything from swimming with sharks in the ocean to singing and dancing with members of the Temptations. We’ll watch the boys as they train or prepare for each endeavor, trade wisecracks, and then execute the stunt.

In the Temptations show that begins the series, the duo takes a camera crew into the offices of Motown Records and asks to join the Temps in a conversation with the soul group’s manager that may be unrehearsed, as M & B claim, but looks very staged. The duo then embarks on a rehearsal schedule of voice and dance lessons. In the final moments, we see Mark, Brian, and the Temptations running through a medley of the act’s greatest hits before a cheering Hollywood audience.

The idea of this series, I suppose, was to combine the team’s hip, sarcastic radio style with the real-life comedy of ABC’s hit Sunday shows America’s Funniest Home Videos and Funniest People. But as ad-libbers, Mark and Brian are wan wise guys — attempting Letterman-esque irony, they achieve only smirking condescension toward everyone around them. Encountering real people trying to aid them in their little adventures, Mark and Brian radiate the attitude We’re Stars and You’re Not.

Not for long on TV, I’m guessing. D