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Gabriela Sabatini and Richard Lewis

Gabriela Sabatini and Richard Lewis — The tennis star stops by the ”Anything But Love” set

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Chalk this up to the fine line between TV fantasy and reality. Last season on ABC’s Anything But Love, magazine reporter Hannah Miller (Jamie Lee Curtis) asked her boyfriend, Marty Gold (Richard Lewis), whom he fantasized about during their lovemaking. Forced into admission, he replied that two women did enter his thoughts: Gabriela Sabatini and Jane Pauley. The stunning Sabatini, currently the No. 3 women’s tennis player in the world, heard about Lewis’ visions. Evidently intrigued by the thought, she decided to pay a visit to the set recently while in L.A. for a Virginia Slims tournament. Even though the 5’8” Argentine tennis ace had never witnessed the slouching comedian’s shtick or watched the show, she admits, ”I was a little nervous.” She did, however, find the self-effacing Lewis ”cute” and signed a photo for him. As a little Anything token, Curtis awarded the court star the two pages from the script that mentioned her and Pauley, with a special note alongside the dialogue: ”You, I can understand. But Jane?” Pauley didn’t seem to think much about her ability to incite fantasy, either. She declined to comment.