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The Best of the Worst

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The Best of the Worst

TV Show
Current Status:
In Season
Comedy, Reality TV

We gave it a D

Always aiming high, Fox has come up with yet another way to compile random videotaped debris into a half-hour series. The Best of the Worst, currently in the middle of a five-week test run, offers a haven for viewers who have always longed to see footage of the world’s worst job (professional deodorant-testing armpit sniffers) or the world’s worst game show, a Japanese series in which contestants are physically tortured. Ah, what fun; how did we ever live without it?

It would be tempting to call The Best… the worst show on television, but it’s not; it’s just another cheaply produced, vaguely degrading ”reality” series. Greg Kinnear, the amiable host, pitches the segments at viewers with just the right shades of amusement and shame, but if Fox’s programmers really meant to keep their promise that ”if it’s really bad, it will be on this show,” they never should have canceled Babes. D