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Motorhead Live: Everything Louder Than Everything Else

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Motorhead Live: Everything Louder Than Everything Else

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Jeb Brien

We gave it an A-

Before punk and thrash metal, there was Motörhead — once reviled as the world’s worst rock & roll band. Today, the 16-year-old group is suddenly on a roll, enjoying not only a loyal coterie of fans worldwide but critical acclaim as well. Everything Louder, culled from a performance at Munich’s Deutsches Museum, is far from another run-of-the-mill concert video; director Jeb Brien shot it in gritty black and white, and he and editor Michael S. Smith keep things visually engaging, varying the pacing and rarely lapsing into pro-forma MTV strobe cutting. Of course, the band helps, turning out an absolutely pummeling show (the sound is first rate, and should be turned up as loud as possible) and generating an unlikely but very real charisma. Most impressive is gravel-voiced, grungy, and grizzled Motörhead founder-bassist-singer Lemmy, who looks positively iconic as he cranes his neck to shout into his mike. His kernels of working-class wisdom qualify as the hard-won conclusions of a journeyman who has been around the block enough times to know the route very well. In all, Everything Louder could be the heavy-metal Stop Making Sense. A-