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The Bread & Circus Whole Food Bible

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This beginner’s guide to grocery shopping in a toxic age, The Bread & Circus Whole Food Bible, offers little comfort for customers of mainstream food stores. The subtitle promises advice on ”How to Select and Prepare Safe Healthful Foods Without Pesticides or Chemical Additives”; but Christopher Kilham’s tips are less persuasive than his unsettling inventory of the chemical and microbic horrors we risk ingesting with almost every food we eat. He passes along the usual inadequate suggestions: question your grocer; write to your senator; scrub and peel your produce (though many contaminants are more than skin deep). But his key recommendation is to shop at stores like Massachusetts’ Bread & Circus Whole-Food Supermarkets chain, where he was long employed as head of marketing. Bread & Circus boasts foods free of additives, meat free of hormones, and produce that’s organic ”whenever possible.” Catherine Conniff’s sprightly recipes take on the whole-foods repertoire-from a nonsectarian swordfish with sweet peppers to a superior New Age stir-fry-and show it off to fine advantage. B