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'L.A. Story' gives birth to copycat coffee confusion

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Steve Martin’s jab at fussy coffee ordering in L.A. Story has given birth to a new java-speak. You hear it in upscale L.A. restaurants: customers trying to mimic Martin — and failing. ”I’ll have a half caf doublé de cap. No, make that a single caf cap reg cap.” Those who contend with such orders are a bit muddled too: ”A half double decaf, with a something back,” says West Beach Cafe bartender Richard Buscher. ”A half caf decaf caf?” guesses Christine Skaglund of 72 Market Street. The dialogue on-screen runs: ”I’ll have a decaf coffee.” ”I’ll have a decaf espresso.” ”I’ll have a double decaf cappuccino.” ”Do you have any decaffeinated coffee ice cream?” Finally, Martin delivers the nut: ”I’ll have a double decaf, half caf, with a twist of lemon.”