Kate Meyers
March 01, 1991 AT 05:00 AM EST

It’s not exactly Royal Doulton but then Ralph Jones (John Goodman) is not your average monarch. In Universal’s just-released movie King Ralph, Goodman is a Vegas lounge singer and graduate of the Pacific Coast School of Diesel Mechanics and Cosmetology who ascends to England’s throne.

To celebrate his coronation, the studio issued a deluge of promotional commemorative items, among them an engraved invitation that plays ”Rule, Britannia” when opened, a Ralph coin (”In Ralph We Trust”), Ralph stamps, a ”Pimplex Royal Family Guide to Ralph,” and — what else — a genuine plastic Ralph Plate replete with a family crest that includes dancing girls, playing cards, and dice. Two thousand packages containing all of the above were sent to members of the media. Lucky us.

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