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Hollywood's obsession with herbal remedies

Hollywood’s obsession with herbal remedies — Gary Busey, Lisa Bonet, Iggy Pop, and others are fans

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Now that illicit chemical dependencies of any kind are passé and rich and skinny sobriety is Hollywood’s most desirable life-style, the mind-body- altering substances of choice appear to be Chinese herbs. The Rolling Stones, Belinda Carlisle, Connie Selleca, and Lisa Bonet are all confessed devotees of exotic herbal formulas, and they’re taking them in teas, capsules, and liquid ”essences.” Actor Gary Busey reportedly uses ginseng tonics as a ”blood builder” and to increase strength and stamina. Iggy Pop stokes his creative juices with a capsule formulation that purportedly stimulates the imagination.

Chinese herbalist Ron Teeguarden, owner of the only herbal hangout in town where a bartender will brew your choice of elixir, the Tea Garden Herbal Emporium, says, ”Belinda Carlisle and Connie Selleca take a capsule formula called ‘Superlady Maku,’ which contains herbal substances such as peony and crushed pearls and is said to promote a glowing, soft complexion.”